The Good Page Blog is written by Barbara Kristaponis, who is a graphic designer and writer/editor. The blog title comes from a well-known quote by Robert Bringhurst, in The Elements of Typographic Style. Bringhurst is a Canadian poet, typographer, translator, cultural historian, and linguist, and the quote reflects my search to recognize and create good pages.


Writing systems vary, but a good page is not hard to recognize, whether it comes from Tang Dynasty China, the Egyptian New Kingdom or Renaissance Italy. The principles that unite these different schools of design are based on the structure and scale of the human body—the eye, the hand, and the forearm in particular—and on the invisible but no less real, no less demanding and no less sensuous anatomy of the human mind.

This blog is an attempt to share one or two things I have learned about writing and designing pages that could be useful to writers and editors, with the hope that folks will use pursue the resources to increase their knowledge of how to use graphic design thinking in their work. It is written with writers and editors in mind, because so much of my last years of earning-a-living work have been in writing (for medical centers, museums, and educational non-profits). Writers of late have been my most frequent comrades-in-arms.